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Franco Mazzetti with JÓŹWIAK

Franco Mazzetti with JÓŹWIAK

We are pleased and honored to announce that JÓŹWIAK has established partnership with an Italian consultant, fashion blogger and trend-setter from Florence – Franco Mazzetti. Franco specializes in classic menswear, presenting in his outfits his own perfect style mixed with best European and worldwide trends.  He has gained worldwide appreciation among designers and stylists involved in creating menswear collections. His style and elegance is very close to the fashion taste of our design team and thus working with Franco is extremely satisfying for us.

At the last edition of Piti Uomo 95 Franco presented an exquisite suit made of JÓŹWIAK’s fabrics. For that special project, together with Franco we have selected a superfine wool from our MTM/Bespoke Tailoring collection Hudson: Rupert/Tuatara and a jacquard lining: Venta/Mariner. The suit itself was crafted by a Neapolitan tailor Alessandro Amirante.

We are delighted to invite you to have a look at the fabrics selected for the Piti Uomo by clicking the below links and having a look at the photos of Franco wearing the suit made of them.

Rupert Tuatara     Venta Mariner