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JÓŹWIAK Solutions is a group of integrated services that provide a comprehensive solution for purchasing a wide range of clothing fabrics with a broad spectrum of applications. Depending on the needs of the customer, they help to support the realization of their production and business goals.

Linking partners

In business relationships, we focus on cooperation. Therefore, in addition to professional advice in fabric selection, we help our customers find the right sewing factory. We cooperate with many companies dealing with professional sewing in various European cities. Thanks to this contact base we can connect partners based on their preferred location, sewing specialization and processing capacities.

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A set of catalogues with full presentation of our fabrics is offered to all our business partners. To make it easier for our customers to choose the suitable fabric, the catalogues are grouped by two categories: fabric composition or potential use. At present, the full set of catalogues consist of eight basic and six MTM Super fine Wool booklets  that are provided by us to both manufacturers, clothing brands and sewing factories that are often located in different places. By doing so, we facilitate the communication between all the parties involved in the production process and thus accelerate it. We also have an online catalogue on our site which can be accessed at any moment.

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We do our best to fulfill our customers’ orders as soon as possible. Depending on the size and complexity of the order, it usually takes us 1-2 days. Shipments are delivered through courier companies and/or by our own transport. For the convenience of our customers, all parcels shipped by us can be tracked online. We can deliver the ordered goods to any place in Poland as well as abroad. The fabrics we ship are carefully labelled and protected against weather conditions so that they reach the intended address intact.

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Swatches and sample lengths

Choosing the right fabric plays a key role in the process of sewing a suit. We realize that it is usually a complex choice that requires a pre-screening of the fabric in terms of its properties. For this reason, we offer our customers catalogues with full range of our products, fabric swatches in the full colour palette as well as sample lengths for prototypes. Both swatches and sample lengths are cut directly from the roll, which guarantees that the quality and the colour of the fabric is identical with these found in later orders.
If you are interested, feel free to read about our product range and contact our sales department to place an order. In case of any doubts or difficulties in fabric selection, we offer our professional advice and assistance.

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Instant availability

Many of our products are in stock, available right away. We store more than 500 fabrics in our main warehouse, so that they can be shipped even the same day, depending on the order time. Moreover, on our website, we have also recently added the option allowing to independently check the availability of any of the fabrics. This information is updated daily and is consistent with our current physical stock.

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