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JÓŹWIAK Poznań standards

Top quality is our priority

Colour identification convention

The colour of the fabric is crucial in its attractivenes and for this reason we pay close attention to colours in our company. We have created our own colour naming convention to be able to identify colours precisely and reproducibly.  We use special equipment and software to capture a colour from a fabric sample and then name it. This enables us to build a detailed colour palette of our fabrics and constantly expand it.

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Control of colour reproducibility

Each production order in our company is thoroughly controlled when it comes to its colour continuity and compliance. We have a system of monitoring the dyeing of each lot from the very first order.  We catalogue colour cards (fabric samples from each order)  to ensure that the hue and the parameters of the fabric can be reproduced in future orders. We also use a special optic device to identify colours in compliance with the given parameters as well as with the Pantone Fashion + Home Cotton scale.

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Product certification

As we are now entering Eastern European markets, we have started the process of certification of our products so that they meet all the standards and quality requirements of the Customs Union markets. The EAC certification enables long-term distribution of goods in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. Introducing product certification will allow us to reduce customs formalities to a minimum and thus improve and speed up the process of shipping fabrics to Eastern European countries.

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ISO certification

Top product quality is one of our priorities. Therefore we aim to meet the needs of our clients but respect the security and environmental norms at the same time. To achieve this, we have started the process of implementing ISO quality management standards ISO 9001:2015 oraz ISO 14001:201.

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Tests and certificates

To ensure top quality of our fabrics we refer them to professional laboratory tests. Samples are checked against chief technical and visual parameters, such as durability, pilling and abrasion resistance, dimensional stability, stretch properties and colour fastness. All the tests are carried out in certified laboratories in compliance with generally accepted international norms.

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Quality control

Product control stages

"Metre per metre" inspection

Depending on the technology of fabric production, quality control takes place 3-4 times, after each technological process: weaving, dyeing, finishing. The final stage takes place before the fabric is cut and wound on the rolls and it is based on a thorough inspection of the band of the fabric throughout its length, marking any possible errors and removing them. Such control is carried out according to a 4-point fabric inspection standard.

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We designated an additional controller that was not involved in the previous processes to be able to  accurately inspect the fabric and assess its quality as a whole at the end of the inspection. Previous controls are detailed and focused on even smallest flaws, so we always do the final checks to eliminate errors of larger scale such as color variation on the length of the band in several-meter strips.

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Additional inspections

Apart from the above mentioned quality inspection standard, we have introduced several additional processes that help us to detect flaws that might have been missed during the “metre per metre” inspection.

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Shipping samples

In cases of dedicated production orders, we send samples of the ordered fabric on request. Understanding and meeting the needs of our customers by offering products of highest quality is our priority.

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