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Welcome to new headquarters of JÓŹWIAK Poznań!

Welcome to new headquarters of JÓŹWIAK Poznań!

For many years, at JÓŹWIAK Poznań, we have been building the image of our company, having clients around the world, starting our activities in Poznan. The idea: think globally, act locally, is very close to us. The headquarters of JÓŹWIAK Poznań has always been located in Poznań at Narcyzowa street, but today we can proudly announce that we have moved to a newly built building, where all our departments are located and all our fabrics are available immediately.

The new headquarters is located at: Przewozowa 3, 62-064 Plewiska, right by the border of the city of Poznań.

Our new workplace was designed by the architectural firm P3 from Poznań. Its founder Radosław Popławski and his colleagues created a modernist space with large windows and industrial, brutalism-like interiors.

Lighting is an extremely important aspect when working in the fashion industry. The new building has movable screening elements, so-called blades, which are also an integral part of the facade. Rotating them allows us to control the proper lighting of workplaces, especially  design work areas. The floors of the office space are also connected and additionally illuminated by an atrium crowned with a huge glazed roof skylight.

We cordially invite you to visit our new headquarters and to meet us in the  newshowroom – a place where we can talk in a brutalist interior and present our collections of fabrics.