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Additional inspections

Processes that help us keep the best quality of our fabrics.

These processes are the following:
– control against the shift of the fabric pattern on the width of the band, so-called “skewing”
– control of the color quality on the width of the band, consisting of comparing the two ends of the band, usually 0-10 cm vs 140-150 cm
– control of the color quality on the length of the band: the beginning of the band vs. middle part vs the end of it (the length of a band, depending on the type of fabric, is usually 50-100m)
– manual dry and wet color resistance test, consisting of rubbing the tested fabric with a special white cloth and checking if the color does not get dyed
– tests against potential big scale defects such as fiber shrinkage arisen as a result of during ironing or steam ironing. Such defects manifests themselves as bubbles or waves that can arise on the surface of the fabric when it is exposed to a high temperature during ironing or immediately after, during cooling down.