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A large number of products available at hand distinguish us on the market.

Our warehouse in Poznań is a surface of 800 square metres where nearly 15,000 rolls are stored, that is more than one million meters of instantly available textiles. We have the necessary software allowing us to keep track of the availability of all products, as well as the history of their orders, resumption of production and sales.

All rolls have packing system and wrapping material designed by JOZWIAK. Fabrics are winded on carton tubes that are strong enough to resist all transit modes  so that when they are delivered to garment factories there is no risk that the tube can be broken or bended. We know how important it is for sewing factories. 
Outside wrapping consist of two layers: 
– the inner layer is a strong polybag preventing fabrics from absorbing moisture;
– the outer layer is a woven polypropylene bag protecting fabrics from sun exposure and sharp objects damages
Each of the layers has two labels, one on each end of a roll, with printing  parameters of the roll.  In case of piece-dyed fabrics, dyed in lots, each lot has colourful labels marking the lot number.

Many years of cooperation with clothing manufacturers have taught us the specificity of the textile industry and we know that in some situations instant availability of a product is crucial. We cooperate closely with transport companies, therefore we are able to supply customers with our fabrics without long waiting times.