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What kind of fibers are we using to produce our fabrics?

We use many different types of fibers for the production of our fabrics. We offer fabrics from natural, artificial and synthetic fibers as well as their combinations.

Natural fibers, as the name suggests, come from natural raw materials. We can divide them into two groups:

  1. Fibers of animal origin (wool, silk)
  2. Fibers produced by plants (cotton, linen, ramie, bamboo fiber, sisal, abaca).

Our offer includes natural fabrics of both animal and plants origin. The biggest offer is made up of various types of wool, both hundred percent and blends, as well as MTM wool with twists from 100’s to 180’s.

Among the fabrics made of plants fiber the largest selection are cotton, which we have devoted a separate catalogue. We have both cotton and knitted fabrics, with different weights and diversities.

Our offer also includes linen fabrics created for the spring and summer seasons.

Artificial fibers are produced from raw materials of plant origin, however in the process of creating they undergo chemical treatments. Best example is viscose, which is an artificial fiber, which is made of cellulose, a raw material obtained as a result of a technological process made of wood. Other cellulose fibers used in the manufacture of fabrics are e.g. modal, acetate or lyocell.

In our offer we have a wide range of poly-viscose fabrics, ie woven from viscose fibers in combination in various proportions with high-quality polyester, elastane, cotton or wool. These fabrics are mainly intended for men’s suits, but also perfectly suits women’s fashion in the form of elegant jackets, trousers or suits. We have as many as three poly-viscose catalogues, where there are fabrics in even sixteen color versions.

Viscose fibers are also used in our linings.

Synthetic fibers – are made of synthetic polymers in the polymerization process, and among them we can distinguish:

  1. polyester fibers (polyester),
  2. polyamide fibers (polyamide),
  3. polyurethane fibers (lycra / elastane).

In the production of our products we use only high-quality polyester and polyurethane fibers. Their presence in the composition causes that the fabric is less susceptible to deformation and easier to maintain.

One of the trendiest styles of suits in the last seasons is those tailored to the body, super slim or slim, which is why the spandex in the composition is particularly desirable. Elastic fibers help to keep the form of clothes, and in addition, increase the resistance to crease of the fabric, which undoubtedly affects the comfort of wearing.