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Interesting facts
Blended fibers fabrics
What distinguishes the JÓŹWIAK Poznań offer from other companies is undoubtedly its comprehensiveness. We know ...
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Names of colours of our fabrics
In the fashion industry, colors play an important and often, even the most important role ...
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The naming convention of JÓŹWIAK’s fabrics
While viewing our fabrics catalogues by new people, the question about the name and colour ...
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Superfine wool MTM
Superfine wool is a kind of very fine, soft and comfortable to wear fabric. What ...
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Changes at JÓŹWIAK S.C.
Zmiany dotyczyły wszystkich nośników naszej identyfikacji wizualnej, zarówno tych funkcjonujących wewnątrz jak i na zewnątrz ...
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What kind of fibers are we using to produce our fabrics?
We use many different types of fibers for the production of our fabrics. We offer ...
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Soon it will be a year since we started the implementation of the project on ...
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Fabric composition abbreviations
The presentation of fabrics using templates, catalogs usually requires the use of abbreviations (shortcuts) of ...
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